Alfa Romeo car configurator

Pricing / Quotation / Configuration

Alfa Romeo provides its customers with the chance to make the perfect car. They can change car type, edit colour, even choose the fonts. Customers can then also order this dream car.


  • PRODUCT VISUALIZATION - this online Alfa Romeo configurator, lets see how looks configurated car before and after configuration.
  • PRICE CALCULATION - in configuration process users can watch how change car price.
  • PRODUCT AND COST DETAILS - in configuration process end customer can fill out request form and get automaticaly generated cost detail. 
  • MULTIPLE LANGUAGES - this configurator has 15 different languages. This facilitates configurating process of people from different countries.
  • RESPONSIVE DESIGN - If buyers more likes tablets than computers, they can use it, because Alfa Romeo configurator is adapted for them.


Brand : Alfa Romeo
Categories : Automotive / Gifts / Lifestyle

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