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Creating a product customization platform from scratch is not only expensive, but also a lot of time consuming process. Is it really worth investing your time and money into something that you are not sure that it is the best return on investment? Is it going to make an actual difference for your customer? What region is most likely to be impacted with product customization solution? How many custom option you should have available?

There isnt a single answer to all of these questions, but we have a simple yet relatively inexpensive solution for checking what will actually work for you business. Using Pre-built SMART CUSTOMIZER is an effortless process, where you can start from minimal investment and gradually grow your customization platform depending on what YOUR business needs. It is all measured and based on real data - not assumption.

Launch quick, improve constantly

Based on our 14 year long experience in digital product development industry, we use simple Growth Driven Development philosophy to make sure that you get the best possible ROI for your business.

  1. We work with you to define your business goals and set working strategy
  2. Launch is quick and easy when using our default SMART CUSTOMIZER kit - ten different products to start with
  3. We use an actual user data, analyze it and make calculated decisions based on those numbers to make sure that changes made are relevant to your goals

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Launch in 6 weeks

  • Strategy

    Define target, Define best set of products and configurations. Strategy stage is included in Growth and Custom plans.

  • Information gathering

    Company (customizer) logo, Color set, Product list, Component list, Options list, Help text, Product graphics.

  • System setup and UI branding

    SMART CUSTOMIZER Installation and setup, Standard user interface branding (logo, panel and text colors, PDF colors).

  • Product information loading

    Product template setup (components, options, rules), Product graphics review and update, Additional product graphic creation, Information load.

  • Testing and project launch

    Project review, Bug fixes and updates, Project launch.

  • Custom development

    Some custom development works such as custom features, integrations with third party tools might be agreed as an extra works.

Close -

What you get

We can build a tailored solution just for you and by using our tried and tested Growth Driven Development process we:

  • Gather and review user behaviour data
  • Provide continuous support and growth - all based on collected data