Web-based Product Configurator

Empower your customers to configure and buy unique products with Smart Customizer! Co-create with your clients and enjoy a faster project sales process.

SC product configurator


Key Features

Smart Customizer - is an online CPQ (configure, price, quote) solution with 3D/2D product visualization. It empowers sellers and customers to configure/customize your product by defined rules and business logic, get real-time pricing, and product visualization. It can be integrated into your website or work as a stand-alone solution.

Instant Preview

3D/2D product visualization engine allows previewing products with any allowed configuration, whether there are few base options or thousands of fabrics for upholstery components.

Dynamic price calculation

Smart Customizer allows setting the pricing rules for customizable products/options that reflect business/manufacturing logic. On the front-end, the user can see live price changes reflecting his configuration choices.

Automatic project generation

All the information of the configured product is output to a PDF document, however you call it - product specs sheet, quote, estimate, or simply - project. It can be downloaded or sent to the customer by email straight away from the system.

User area

Users module enables users to save projects / estimates with customized products for future editing, re-distribution, etc. Also, it allows users to access extra features like product price and discount control, personalized product notes, etc.



SKU is automatically generated according to the product configuration.

Business logic

The setup of the business rules controls the product configuration options, price calculations, exceptions, etc.


Users can upload custom fabric images and preview their customized product with a specific texture in a moment.


Users can share their custom product/project with another user at any time and continue the configuration.

Cheaper Than a Custom Solution

Smart Customizer comes ready for your products so you don’t waste time and money building your own platform from scratch.


Colors you see aren't suitable for your brand? No problem! The platform can easily adapt to match your brand's look and feel.

Lifetime Support

Our team has you covered. We take care of everything - from upgrades to optimization - so your customizer works smoothly 24/7.


View and edit any product on any device, anywhere - instantly and easily. Smart Customizer is built using future-proof technology.

Product Configurator Demo

If you’re interested in a product configurator solution for your business, let’s get in touch!


Here at SMART CUSTOMIZER we’ve developed what we think is the leading Configure Price Quote platform available – and to do that we have learned from the best. Here are a few examples of those product customizers that have inspired us.

The Value


Configurator allows seeing the final product in real-time visualization. View the product from any angle and download the image instantly. No more image search, mismatching product images, or designer involvement, making the product visuals with the matching specs.

Time saver

Configurator reduces time spent preparing estimates by up to 10 times. Sales representatives can generate project quotes in minutes, including 100% accurate specs, visualization, and pricing. No more manual work, price checks, and copy-paste tables.

Timely data

The unified data point gives access to the actual pricing and other product data with no delay for all sales teams. No more price-book downloads, option availability checks, or a mix-up with discontinued products.


  • How much does it cost to have a custom web-based configurator?

    The price of a custom product configurator solution fully depends on the project complexity and the number of your products. After the first project launch, there will be a standard system subscription fee which you will be able to pay annually or monthly. For more information please Contact Our Sales Team.

  • How long does it take to build a custom product configurator?

    The standard duration of the configurator development might take 6-8 weeks, depending on the complexity of the project. Typically the whole project starts from detailed planning and information gathering, moving forward to system development and product onboarding, launching and testing right after, and finishing up with the custom development touches if needed.

  • What are the available product preview types?

    Smart Customizer supports both: 2D products with multiple preview angles and 3D products with a sleek 360° view rotation.

  • Can I expect support and help after the project launch?

    Yes. We aim to build a long-lasting relationship with our clients throughout the development of their custom product configurator and make it an enjoyable experience. We are always available for support, additional tweaks to the configurator, and new product onboarding.

  • What are the possible configurator integrations?

    Smart Customizer can work as a stand-alone solution. Also, it can be integrated with various platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento as a custom development service.

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