How to uninstall a Smart Customizer plugin in WordPress?

Deactivation and Deletion

There are two options in WordPress to uninstall a plugin:

  • You can Deactivate a plugin to temporarily remove it from your store. This is a good choice if you plan to use the app later, as it allows you to reactivate the plugin with all settings and content restored (the subscription will not be stopped).
  • Another option is to permanently Delete a plugin from your site. All app settings and content will be removed entirely, so choose this if you do not intend to use it again.

How to uninstall a Smart Customizer plugin in WordPress?

  1. In your site’s dashboard, go to Plugins > Installed Plugins. Installed Plugins
  2. Locate the Smart Customizer plugin in the list and click Deactivate. That's all if you only want to deactivate it. Deactivate the plugin
  3. If you want to completely delete it, wait for the page to reload. Then find the plugin in the list again and click Delete. Delete the plugin entirely

For confirmation you will get a success message that the plugin is deleted.

Plugin is deleted