Kunstverwarming Case

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About Kunstverwarming

Kunstverwarming is a Netherlands-based company specializing in infrared panels. Unlike traditional heaters, infrared panels use unique waves to directly warm objects and individuals rather than the surrounding air. Their slim and discreet profiles enable seamless integration into interior designs, and they can be customized to double as pieces of art.

At Kunstverwarming's shop, panels are categorized into collections featuring various pictures and art themes. Moreover, customers have the opportunity to personalize and order panels with their own pictures.

Why Smart Customizer?

Smart Customizer is well-suited to Kunstverwarming's requirements, as it has:

  • User-friendly interface. Customers can easily upload pictures or graphics and preview them within the interior setting.
  • File generation. The shop owner receives all print-ready files prepared for manufacturing, streamlining the production process.

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