Smartetag Case

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About Smartetag

Smartetags, made from durable stainless steel, help distinguish and personalize traveling bags and suitcases. With four available sizes and colors, users have the flexibility to choose their preferred combination. The permanent laser marking ensures long-lasting prints that won't rub off or fade.

Using a straightforward and user-friendly 2D customizer, customers can easily add their designs, QR codes, and other essential travel information.

Why Smart Customizer?

Smartetag prefers the Smart Customizer tool because:

  • User-friendly interface. It provides an intuitive experience for both shop owners and customers.
  • Customization. Pre-prepared graphic elements library makes it easier for customers to create their own designs.
  • Assurance. Customers feel more confident in making a purchase when they can preview how the personalized product will look beforehand.
  • File generation. The app allows shop owner to create and use a toolset with specific requirements, such as for engraving (limited to black color graphic elements and text), and generates print-ready files.

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