Creating product variants in Shopify

Creating product variants

  • Sometimes customizable products have more than one color, material, size or style so the creation of all possible variations is inevitable.
  • It is important to emphasize that product variations must be first created in Shopify store and only then – linked to particular product templates in the Smart Customizer app.
  • Follow the step by step guide on how to make product variations customizable.

Adding product variants in your Shopify store

  1. Open your customizable product in Shopify.
  2. Add all the necessary product information like Title, Description, and product Images. Open product in Shopify store
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for Variants. Click on the Add options like size or color. Options for variations in Shopify
  4. Choose the option type from the dropdown Option name and add as many options as your product has. Dropdown of options
  5. Name your variants neatly, add thumbnails, enter prices and other necessary details. Save the changes. . The list of variations

Linking product templates to Shopify variants

  1. You will have to create as many product templates in our app, as many variants you added in your Shopify store. For instance, if you have a customizable hoodie that is available in 7 different colors then you should add 7 product templates in SC app - each representing a different color. If you don't know how to start with the product setup please chek the reference. Product templates
  2. Once you done with the product setup please make sure that each product template is linked to a particular variant in Shopify. Open product template and assign the necessary variant. Save the changes. Product linking
  3. Check how the variants work in the front. Product linking
  4. If the Customize product button does not appear, please check the troubleshooting article or contact our support team.