Adding customization to your Shopify product

  1. Go to Products and click Add New Product
  2. Select to Add customization to your Shopify product and click Start how to add customization to your Shopify products
  3. Select the Shopify product you want to assign customization to and click Add customization Choose a product that will be customizable
  4. Name your customization using the Title* field (only for internal use)
  5. Upload Model Image which will be used as a base for product’s customization (if needed)
  6. Press Save Save customization setup

Once you have your Model Image uploaded, specify your product’s scale by:

  1. Opening Print Area Editor Set up print area
  2. Placing the ruler on a specific part of your Model Image
  3. Entering the length of the ruler using real product measurements Set up real world scale for your product
  4. Switch to Print area settings and add Print area dimensions (width, height)
  5. Scroll above to see the print area on Model Image. Drag print area square to the proper position on an image where the print should be placed.
  6. Click on Close icon Print area and object scale
  7. Once done, scroll down to the page bottom and press Save Save and publish your customizable product
  8. Click View to preview your product online. Click Edit in Shopify to update product details.

Important: products saved with the Visible checkmark enabled will add the Customize Product button to your Shopify product instantly.