Where to find customer prints?

Print files

All design print files created by your customers can be found in our app or in Shopify’s orders. The print is being generated once the order is added to the cart regardless of the order status (paid or unpaid).

Generated prints in our app

  1. Click on Customer prints. The list of printes generated by customer in customizer app
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the last page to see the latest print files. You can also sort the list by specific filters like date of creation, order status, order number, order ID, and much more. Once you choose your custom sorting filters, click Resort. Customizer page with automatically generated customer prints Customizer page with automatically generated customer prints
  3. Click on the item in the list to open it. Click on the Print ready files to download your customer’s print. Customizer window of customer's custom print
  4. If you want the zip file to include a print preview image too - go to Preferences > File management settings > Activate Preview image checkbox > Save changes. Customizer preferences for print files

Generated prints in Shopify

  1. Click on Orders and open a customer order. Shopify orders list
  2. Copy the design link from Notes. Open a new tab, paste the link, and the design zip file will be downloaded automatically. Order page in Shopify