How to import guidelines?

About guidelines layer

  • The guidelines layer helps to ensure that the design file meets the highest print standards and will be sent to production correctly
  • Usually, the guidelines layer defines the trim box, bleeds and safe print area
  • The layer should be imported in .svg or .pdf file format
  • Uploaded guidelines will be visible in the Design editor only
  • It is possible to make guidelines visible as a default (check out Preferences > Default > Guidelines)
  • If guidelines layer is uploaded and not set with constant visibility, the end user can turn it on and off manually by clicking on the Guidelines icon in the Design editor

Guidelines setup

  1. Create a toolset with a 100% vector scale. We will use this toolset temporarily for the guidelines file upload
  2. Open your 2D or 3D product template
  3. Assign newly created toolset for your product and click Save
  4. Click Open Guidelines Editor
  5. Click the + icon
  6. Click on Shapes, then Insert graphics
  7. Before uploading your custom guidelines layer, make sure that the measurements of your guidelines artwork in Adobe Illustrator or other design software match the print area measurements in our app
  8. Once uploaded, adjust layer orientation in the design editor
  9. We recommend reducing the opacity to at least 80%, so the end user could see both the design and guidelines
  10. Once done, click on Update & Save
  11. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and Save the changes