Setting up your design templates

  1. Go to My Design Templates and click Add New
  2. Enter your Template Name
  3. Add template dimensions
  4. Save Design Template to resize templates design area according to your measurements. Add a design template
  5. Open Design Editor Open design editor
  6. Create your design
  7. Once done, click Update Thumbnail, then press Update & Save and you will return to the template setup window Create a design template
  8. Assign your template to specific products using the Assigned Products field
  9. Press Save to complete Finish design template set up

Advanced settings:

  • You can assign design Tags that will allow your customers to filter designs by tag. Create tags under the Template Tags section.
  • You can specify the Toolset that will be used to create this template (for example Pantone color book). Add and setup Toolset first under the Preference section. Note: After selecting another Toolset save the template and only then open Design Editor to take effect.

Important: templates saved with Visible checkmark enabled will appear for your customers instantly.