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About the 9to5 Seating

9to5 Seating is a vertically-integrated company, specializing in the design and production of ergonomic office seating to accommodate the rigorous demands of today’s office environments. Different from other chair manufacturers, 9to5 invests in making the most personal piece of furniture aligned with all customer needs. They provide a wide assortment of chairs, from task to lounge, that are as much functional as form.

Main pain points

  • Long quotation process - the sales representatives of 9to5 seating did not have a unified system for thousands of different chair fabrics, pricing lists, visualizations, and other customizable options. Therefore, each individual project estimate took a lot of effort and time to prepare.
  • Lack of visualization - the company faced many challenges related to product visualization during the project estimation process. Sales reps had to conduct image searches regularly, or even ask for the designer's involvement when the product image mismatched the custom specifications of a product.
  • Outdated information - price books could not always keep up with new information related to new product releases, specification changes, and prices. Some price books included discontinued products that were no longer available in the market, which made inaccurate information available for both sales reps and customers.

Solution - 9to5 Chair Designer

  • Instant product visualization - Our 2D/3D product visualization engine allows previewing products with any allowed configuration, whether there are a few armrest options or thousands of fabrics for upholstery.
  • Dynamic price calculation - Chair Designer now allows setting the price rules for customizable products that reflect 9to5 business logic. Users can see a price change instantly on the front end according to their configuration choices.
  • Automatic project generation - All the configured product information is presented on a PDF document that you title, whether as a product specs sheet, quote, estimate, or simply a project. It can be downloaded or sent to the customer by email immediately from the system.
  • User area - The user module enables users to save projects and estimates with customized products for future editing, re-distribution, etc. Also, it allows access to extra features such as product price and discount control, personalized product notes, and more.
  • SKU generation - Chair Designer automatically generates SKUs according to product configuration.
  • Textures - Users can upload custom fabric images and preview their customized product with specific textures in a moment’s time.
  • CMS - All essential data: product options, prices, fabrics, etc., can be easily managed using the Smart Customizer Administration System.
  • Responsiveness - The Chair Designer works on any device: smartphone, tablet, and personal computer.

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