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About the Allux

Allux mailboxes and mailbox systems form a branch of Juliana Greenhouses A/S. Juliana Greenhouses is a Danish company founded in 1963, but Allux, as a branch, started production in 2001. Since then, the mailboxes have become a significant part of the company's revenue.

Main pain points

  • Lack of visualization - All sketches of mailbox systems, mailboxes, and parcels were drawn by engineers manually, and did not have an appealing visual look.
  • Long quotation process - Allux’s sales representatives did not have a unified system for product prices, color variations, accessories, and other configurable details. It was also hard to draw sketches of mailbox systems since they had a virtually unlimited number of possible combinations.

Solution - Allux Configurator

  • Instant product visualization - Our 3D product visualization engine allows previewing and rotating Allux mailboxes with custom configurations like mailbox color, cover options, additional accessories, and more. All of it can be adjusted by customers and previewed within a couple of clicks.
  • Automatic project generation - All projects generated by customers and sales representatives in the Allux Configurator can be saved and edited in the future, shared via a unique link, and downloaded in PDF file format.
  • CMS - Essential data, such as product descriptions, colors, and other customizable specifications, can be easily managed using the Smart Customizer Administration System. Smart Customizer also guarantees constant and helpful support with urgent matters.
  • Responsiveness - The Allux Configurator works on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

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