Krill Aircraft Case

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About the Krill Model Aircraft

With more than 20 years of experience, Krill Model Aircraft is the leader in the production of aerobatic giant airplanes and jet model kits. Krill Model Aircraft is the first company that offers an aerobatic plane configurator in the market!

Main pain points

  • Long visualization process - All custom sales propositions and customer requests required a great deal of involvement from the company's designers. Krill airplanes had many manually-drawn design schemes with hundreds of different RAL colors choices available. The ineffective designing process was one of the main reasons why Krill decided to look for a more optimized solution.
  • Long quotation process - Krill’s sales representatives did not have a unified system for hundreds of airplane kits, accessories, pricing, and other customizable options. Similar to airplane design preparation, the price estimation process was also complicated and protracted.
  • Outdated information - It was hard to keep the price book information up-to-date since the company was constantly growing and expanding its assortment with a plethora of airplane kits.

Solution - Krill Aircraft Configurator

  • Instant product visualization - Our 2D/3D product visualization engine allows previewing Krill Airplanes with custom configuration specifications instantly. The most exciting piece of the product visualization is that customers can choose from various predefined design schemes, and color them with different RAL colors in just a couple of clicks.
  • Dynamic price calculation - Krill Aircraft Configurator allows setting the price rules for customizable products that reflect Krill’s business logic. Users can see a price change instantly on the configuration according to their configuration options.
  • Automatic project generation - Krill’s sales representatives and end users can now create, download, and share projects in PDF format with all selected product specifications and price quotes, as well as place the order immediately.
  • User area - The user module enables users to save projects and estimates with customized products for future editing, re-distribution, etc.
  • SKU generation - The Krill Aircraft Configurator automatically generates SKUs according to product configuration.
  • CMS - All essential data: product options, prices, design schemes, colors, etc., can be easily managed using the Smart Customizer Administration System.
  • Responsiveness - The Krill Aircraft Configurator works on any device: smartphone, tablet, and desktop.