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About the Boldcup

Boldcup configurator is a great web-to-print enterprise example that manufactures and sells various paper packaging products, such as single and double wall paper cups, ice cream cups, salad bowls, cup lids, and grease-proof papers. Customers can choose from different product size options and materials as well as create their own product designs, or choose from a predefined design templates list.

Main pain points

  • No quick way to create a custom design on-line - Boldcup designers used to spend a lot of time creating various paper print designs for individual customer requests according to their specific needs.
  • Manual design validation process - Before an order was delivered to production, the Boldcup team had to manually review and approve each design file that a customer had supplied.
  • No convenient way to preview the final product - There was no simple and quick way to showcase how the final printed products will look.

Solution - Boldcup Configurator

  • Product design editor and 3D visualization - Boldcup now has a web to print customizer, that allows customers to create paper packaging products with stylish predefined design templates or create custom ones from scratch. Customers can use powerful design editor tools and create patterns, draw or upload custom vector graphics such as logos, shapes, and much more. All created designs by the end-users can be previewed instantly on a realistic 3D model.
  • Design file validator - Customers have the ability to upload their own design files made by professional designers. Smart Customizer's web-to-print engine does full file validation, such as checks for print dimensions, color palette, ink coverage, and raster graphics resolution. Provided print files also can be instantly previewed on a realistic 3D model.
  • Review project generation - all designs with custom product specifications are automatically generated as a project and can be saved, and shared with teammates for review or approval. Customers no longer need a designer's hand, if the final custom result satisfies them - it is possible to enter the quantity and go straight to checkout.
  • CMS - Bold Cup now can easily renew all essential product information like descriptions, prices, size options, material options, design templates, and much more. Configurable information can be managed in one place - Smart Customizer administration system.

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