Product Personalization Tool for Shopify Stores

Smart Customizer - a convenient and easy-to-use application to allow your customers to customize and order your products. Set up design templates and graphic assets for your customers to have a hassle-free customization experience. Collect your custom orders in one convenient place.



A quick guide on how to set up customizable products


Setting up customizable products on your Shopify store:

There are two ways to add customization to products on your store:

  • Install customizable products from presets
  • Add customization to products that already exist in your store

Installing a customizable product from presets: 

  1. Go to Products and click Add New Product
  2. Select to Install your new customizable product from presets and click Start
    products 01 2
  3. Choose the product preset that you would like to add to your Shopify store
    products 01 7
  4. Edit basic product information and set status to Active
  5. Press Save
    products 01 9

Now your product is live on your Shopify store. You can choose to view it online, update basic product details through Shopify admin or edit more customization options.


Adding customization to a product that exists on your store: 

  1. Go to Products and click Add New Product
  2. Select to Add customization to your Shopify product and click Start
    products 02 4
  3. Select the Shopify product you want to assign customization to and click Add customization
    products 02 6
  4. Name your customization using the Title* field (only for internal use)
  5. Upload Model Image which will be used as a base for product’s customization (if needed)
  6. Press Save
    products 02 7

Once you have your Model Image uploaded, specify your product’s scale by:

  1. Opening Print Area Editor
    products 03 2

  2. Placing the ruler on a specific part of your Model Image 
  3. Entering the length of the ruler using real product measurements
    products 03 02
  4. Switch to Print area settings and add Print area dimensions (width, height) 
  5. Scroll above to see the print area on Model Image. Drag print area square to the proper position on an image where the print should be placed.
  6. Click on Close icon
    products 03 05
  7. Once done, scroll down to the page bottom and press Save
    products 03 06
  8. Click View to preview your product online. Click Edit in Shopify to update product details.

Important: products saved with Visible checkmark enabled will add the Customize Product button to your Shopify product instantly.


Setting up your design templates

  1. Go to My Design Templates and click Add New
  2. Enter your Template Name
  3. Add template dimensions
  4. Save Design Template to resize templates design area according to your measurements.
    templates 01 01
  5. Open Design Editor
    templates 01 05
  6. Create your design
  7. Once done, click Update Thumbnail, then press Update & Save and you will return to the template setup window
    templates 01 06
  8. Assign your template to specific products using the Assigned Products field
  9. Press Save to complete
    templates 01 08

Advanced settings:

  • You can assign design Tags that will allow your customers to filter designs by tag. Create tags under the Template Tags section.
  • You can specify the Toolset that will be used to create this template (for example Pantone color book). Add and setup Toolset first under the Preference section. Note: After selecting another Toolset save the template and only then open Design Editor to take effect.

Important: templates saved with Visible checkmark enabled will appear for your customers instantly.


Importing graphics assets

Build your graphics library both you and your customers can use to create designs.

  1. Go to Graphics Assets and click Add New
  2. Enter your Asset’s Name
  3. Upload your graphics (supported formats: SVG, PDF, PNG, JPG)
  4. Thumbnail will be generated automatically
  5. Enable Public checkbox if you want an uploaded graphic asset to be visible and available to use for all your customers
  6. Press Save to complete
    graphics 01 2