Installing customizable products from presets

Before we get started

  • There are two possible ways to add customization to your product: by installing our predefined product template or simply by adding customization to a Shopify product that already exists in your store.
  • The customization can be divided into basic and more advanced processes.

Basic product installation steps

  1. Go to Products and click Add New Product.
  2. Select to Install your new customizable product from presets and click Start. Choose to install a product from presets
  3. Choose the product preset that you would like to add to your Shopify store. Customizable product presets
  4. Edit basic product information and set status to Active.
  5. Press Save. Save and publish your new customizable product

Additional steps

  1. Once the product is installed we would recommend changing product title, description, price and other important details. To do that, go to your Shopify store Products > Open your product and make a desirable changes. Editing product information in your Shopify store
  2. Click on View > Customize product to check how your product looks like in the front page. Editing product information in your Shopify store Editing product information in your Shopify store