Setting up customizable product preview angles (3D)

View angles

View angle setup helps to create a sleek and interactive 3D product preview experience. If you want to enable 3D view angles for your multiple-sided print product, you need to:

Set 3D product view angles

  1. Open your 3D product template.
  2. Enter three values in 3D View Angle field according to provided example "90,45,1" when:
    • 90 stands for product rotation by 90° along the x-axis (if you do not want to use this value - enter 0).
    • 45 stands for product rotation by 45° along the z-axis.
    • 1 stands for zoomed view (this value is optional if you do not want to zoom in or zoom out the view - delete the value).
  3. Once done, click save. Customizer 3D product template page
  4. Navigate to More print areas. 3D product customization in Smart Customizer app
  5. Open your second print area and set the view angles for it.
  6. Once done, click save. Multiple print area setup in customizer
  7. If you have more than two print areas - repeat the same setup steps and save your updates.