Setting up a customizable product (3D)

3D model preparation for product setup

  • Optimize your 3D model to the maximum .
  • Try to keep the file size no bigger than 2MB in order to make the web load speed as quick as possible.
  • Name all layers in the file neatly without (spaces "," ".") left behind.
  • Separate print layer / layers from the main body of the 3D model.
  • If you are using more than one print area, make sure all print layers in your 3D file are named differently.
  • Export your 3D model in .glTF file format. and zip the whole folder.

3D product setup steps

  1. Go to Products and click Add New Product.
  2. Select to Add customization to your Shopify product and click Start. Product installation in customization app
  3. Select the Shopify product you want to assign customization to and click Add customization. Ready to use product templates for customization
  4. Name your customization using the Title field (only for internal use).
  5. Choose a 3D preview type.
  6. Upload your zipped .glTF file.
  7. Press Save. 3D product setup in customizer
  8. Enter the real-world scale measurements of the print area. The setup of 3D product print in customizer
  9. Choose the Print Area Mesh Name from the dropdown.
  10. Assign at least one design template and click Save. Design templates for product customization setup
  11. If you want to add more print areas, click on More print areas. Customizer product print areas
  12. Add new print area. Add new print area page in customizer
  13. Repeat the same setup sequence and Save the changes.

Advanced tips