How to create a URL for a customizable product

About SC customizable product URL

  • SC customizable product URL is a valuable tool for easily sharing a product with a customer.
  • Although it doesn't have an integrated cart, it serves as an inquiry and contains all the essential information necessary for placing an order, making the purchasing process easier for both customers and sellers.
  • This type of product representation is particularly handy for personalized offers because it allows you to customize elements such as language, print design, etc.

Before we get started

To create a SC customizable product URL, start by signing up here: SmartCustomizer

You will get a free 30-day trial, and afterward, you can select a plan that best fits your needs.

Order form activation

The first thing you need to do is enable Order form inputs. This order form will serve as the final step where the customer provides all the necessary information for placing an order after customization is complete. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Go to My profile.
  2. Click Activate order form. How to activate the order form
  3. Choose all necessary Order form fields and add custom confirmation checkboxes under the form if needed. Choose all necessary order form fields
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and Save the changes. Save order fields changes
    Once you’ve done with the order form, you can start creating your custom URL.

How to create a SC customizable product URL

  1. Go to My profile.
  2. Click Installation and select SC customizable product URL. SC customizable product URL
  3. Copy SC product URL and update it with your product Parameters. URL with custom parameters
  4. Paste it to your browser. If you've added the parameters correctly, the URL should work without any issues. SC customizable product URL


When using parameters, it's important to note that they can be either mandatory or optional. Here are explanations for each of them:


mid parameter is used to specify the product to be loaded.

Example: &mid=5556 (5556 is a product ID)

It can be found by navigating to Products and copying Product ID. Product ID


tid parameter is used to specify the initial template with which the product will be loaded.

Example: &tid=8057 (8057 is SC template ID)

It can be found by going to Design Templates and copying Design Template ID. Design template ID

tid and ot - is used to send a product with just one design template and no option to choose others, use these parameters in combination.

Example: &tid=8057&ot=8057 (8057 is a specific SC template ID that will be shown as a single template)

lng - you can send a translated link by including a language parameter (Make sure the translation has been added to preferences beforehand).

Example: &lng=fr (fr is the name of your translation)

Tips & Tricks

When testing a link multiple times, the browser may fill up with a cache, which can cause the link to not work properly. To ensure the link is functioning correctly, always use an Incognito or Private window.