Installing customizable products from presets in Stand-Alone

About Stand-Alone products

  • There are two possible ways to add a customizable product in our app: by installing our predefined product template or creating a product template from scratch.
  • Stand-Alone customizable products differ from those on Shopify/WooCommerce in that they aren't linked to any store settings responsible for managing details like price and quantity information.
  • These product details can be adjusted within the product settings and will be visible in the order form once customization is completed.

Basic installation

  1. Go to Products and click Install from presets. How to install a new product in your Stand-Alone account
  2. Select the customizable product preset you wish to use, then click Add this product. How to add a new product in your Stand-Alone account
  3. Adjust the product Title; it will be visible on the URL front page.
  4. Save the changes. Adjusting information about a customizable prpduct
  5. Click on Edit customization options to modify the template information. Navigating to change customization options
  6. Choose Product details and specify the product price and quantity.
  7. Scroll down and click Save. Adjusting product details

The product is ready for customization. You can either use it as a standalone link: instructions or embed it into your existing web page: instructions.

Additional options

To make your product even more special, you can:

  • Create and assign design templates for an easier customization start.
  • Use a guidelines layer - it is typically employed for print-related requirements or notes for customers to achieve the best design results.
  • Add an Imprint Layer to include non-editable information like company logos, slogans, barcodes, or other details for a more realistic product appearance.
  • Create a custom toolset where you can set the background color, choose customization tools, and more.