Upper Street shoes configurator

Pricing / Customization / Ordering

Upper Street provides an excellent and easy way for women to create their own unique shoes. The site uses a mass customization system for speedy shoe design. Looking to large list of product customizer features, this website is one of the best product customization examples.


  • PRODUCT VISUALIZATION - customers can see product in various visual combination. This product have 3D graphics, it's lets customers see shoes from all sides.
  • PRICE CALCULATION - customizer have function, which lets see how change product price from selected shoes component.
  • ORDERING - users can add to chart and order customized products.
  • HELP NOTES – product has help notes, which support and guide users though configuration process.
  • RESPONSIVE DESIGN – product allowing customers to easily configure products from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.


Brand : Upper street
Categories : Apparel

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