Popular questions

  • Is Smart Customizer free?

    Smart Customizer comes with a 31-day free trial which allows you to try all the features. If you want to upgrade your plan after the trial, check our pricing.

  • How many customizable products can I have in Smart Customizer?

    The number of customizable products depends on your subscription plan:
    - Starter plan - 1 customizable product
    - Boutique plan - up to 10 customizable products
    - Store plan - up to 50 customizable products

  • How to start a product setup?

    Go to products, click on the “Add new product” button and choose if you want to set up a customizable product from our presets or add customization to an existing product in your Shopify store. Click “Start” and check further details on how to start your preferred type of product setup in our knowledge base.

  • Will the naming of a product in Smart Customizer rename my Shopify product?

    The naming of your customizable products in Smart Customizer is solely for your organization purposes - it will not display publicly.

  • In what file format can the print file be exported?

    Print files can be automatically exported in one or several file formats: PDF, JPG, or SVG. To change the default print file export settings, go to preferences and activate your custom checkboxes of file management settings.

  • How to uninstall a Smart Customizer app from Shopify?

    Open Your Shopify Admin, navigate to “Apps” > "App and sales channel settings" choose our app, and click on the “Remove” button. Then, you will see a confirmation pop-up where you will be able to specify the reason for cancellation. Click the "Delete" button one more time and the app will be fully uninstalled with no app-related code left behind.